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A quality assurance and control plan is designed by our team specifically for your blow molded product. Iceberg’s quality assurance group works with each client to develop a system designed around their individual needs and expectations. We recognize that delivering satisfaction doesn't end until our client and their customers are fully satisfied with the product they receive.

Our team integrates internally with production and support departments from sales to distribution to ensure that you receive a quality product every time.  The quality assurance process starts at the point of production with visual inspections through detailed dimensional inspections after stabilization. The process continues into assembly, packaging, and shipping.

Our quality assurance team is led by a Director with experience in ISO and QS quality systems. Iceberg's Quality Assurance Department personnel receive regular training to ensure we operate at top notch.


Quality Plan Objectives

1. Establish a comprehensive quality control process to ensure that our clients or end customer receives a quality product every time.

2. Develop inspection protocols and testing procedures to verify the quality of manufactured products against your required product specifications.

3. Utilize feedback from employees, clients, and end customers to adjust product specifications if needed.

4. Continuously monitor the production process and make necessary adjustments to ensure continued consistency in product quality output.

5. Establish effective communication channels between departments for timely resolution of any issues encountered in the production and distribution of products.

6. Maintain documentation that reflects all changes made during the course of production, including client requirements and specifications, inspection results, test data, supplier information, etc., as well as corrective action taken when needed.

7. Ensure compliance with applicable industry standards and regulations throughout the production life cycle.

8. Implement ongoing training programs for employees to ensure they are knowledgeable in all aspects of their roles related to product quality assurance and control processes.

What to Expect

Team members are integrated into production shifts

  • Support is always available while production is running

Inspection equipment is readily available

  • Handheld gauges to programmable inspection equipment
  • Non-destructive testing equipment 
  • Color Spectrum testing equipment
  • Fit, form check fixturing
  • Pin gauges to check warp
  • Wall thickness - ultrasonic gauge 

Customer centric quality documents

  • Visual work instructions – Multi-language with a pictorial based format

Personalized to customer preferences

Updated with customer feedback to remain current and relevant to the production of the product

  • Check sheets – job specific, developed with the customer 

Check process parameters

Checks for dimensional accuracy

Performed by Quality Technicians throughout the production run

Additional services as required by the immediate or end customer

  • Capability studies 
  • Final Audits 

Our Quality system has ensured that we have longevity with our customers and low return rates

  • Long term customers of 10+ years 
  • Below industry standard rejection rate on parts.

Getting Started

If you are looking for a leading U.S. blow molding manufacturer that produces on time and with an eye for detail, look no further. Iceberg Enterprises works with hundreds of brands across North America to produce plastic products that are dependable, durable, and long-lasting. Get in touch to talk about your project.